Factors of the communication

Factors of the communication

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Factors of the advice are, in the advice approach of the architect and mathematician Claude And Shannon and the sociologist Warren Weaver, (mathematical The Approach of Communication, Urban: The University of Illinois Press, 1949) the six elements that yield allotment in the manual of a bulletin or information. They are: source, transmitter, signal, noises, receiver and adressee. This arrangement anon was continued with added elements: emitter, code, message, channel, redundancy, emitted signal, accustomed signal, bearings and context. Shannon was in allegation of the cuatificables aspects of the process, admitting Warren Weaver broadcast east arrangement if advertence that the advice problems could be analyzed in three levels: technician, semantic (referred to the acceptation and estimation of the message) and businesslike (on the after-effects of the advice in the behavior of the people.

Later, Californian board of the High Wood School adopted a actual analytical position with account to this model, who advised was not able to cover the accepted circuitous of the animal communication, a action abounding with interactions. Watzlawick, Jackson and Beavin authentic in 1967 5 axioms of the animal communication, of which we emphasized:

1) It is absurd not to communicate. In the animal interaction, all conduct has the amount of a message. As noconducta does not exist, we are consistently communicating.

2) All advice has a agreeable akin (what we say) and a relational akin (to whom and how we say it). We not alone transmitted data, aswell we authorize a affiliation with our interlocutor.

3) the humans use so abundant the advice agenda (linguistic symbols and/or written) like the analogical one (nonverbal language).

The factors or elements that yield allotment in the advice are, added or less, the afterward ones:

The antecedent is the advice or agreeable in gross after codifying for getting transmitted in the message. For example, the temperatures of a acclimate message.

The emitter is the aspect that takes and elaborates the antecedent according to a cipher to address a bulletin abundant by agency of the aforementioned one. The man of the time, for example.

The cipher is the set of signs and rules of aggregate of such that serves to address a advice or antecedent according to a apprehensible or decodable allegorical arrangement for the emitter and the receiver. For example, the arrangement of altitude of temperatures that we accept in a acclimate message: centigrade, Réaumur scale, Fahrenheit… or the accent that are acclimated in a acclimate message: the Spanish, the English…

The bulletin is the advice of the antecedent already abundant and formed by agency of the code: the acclimate bulletin as it leaves emitted.

The emitted arresting is the acuteness of the manual already leaves the emitter, consistently added acute and beneath adapted or adulterated than the accustomed signal.

The approach is the boilerplate physicist through as the bulletin is transmitted: afraid system, air, receive, water…

The babble is all element, analytic physicist or, whom a accident or baloney in the agreeable causes or forms of the message: caliginosity of the channel, weakness of the signal, distances, fatigue of the emitter, bad compassionate or control of the code, ambiguity, deafness, distraction, madness, prejudices etc…

The back-up is the alternate alliteration of advice that is fabricated in the bulletin in adjustment that the alterations, distortions and losses of advice that causes the babble do not could cause a flight of accomplished information.

The ambience is the ability of a alternation of lingüísticas affairs (previous letters to the message, all-important ability of presuppositions and abstracts for the intelección of the message) that is to accept the bulletin to be able to be accepted exactly.

The bearings is the physical, acting and amplitude frame, of extralinguistic nature, in which the candid action is developed, and that sometimes is capital to be able to adapt a bulletin correctly.

The beneficiary is that to that the bulletin goes destined, but that it necessarily does not accept to be the aspect that deciphers it.

The receiver is the one who receives and deciphers to the bulletin codification by the emitter application the aforementioned cipher whereupon it was based if the manual is ideal.