“Google Friendly” Solutions to Graphic-Intense Sites

“Google Friendly” Solutions to Graphic-Intense Sites

July 7, 2018 0 By editor


We all apperceive that the seek engines can’t “see” or “read” the cartoon on our pages. We aswell apperceive that we charge to accommodate argument on a page, so the spiders will accept something to clamber and index.

After all, we accept to prove to the seek engines afterwards a adumbration of a agnosticism that our pages are about what we say or affirmation they’re about if we wish to accomplish top rankings. That’s why I accept so acerb in absorption anniversary page on one individual keyword byword only. As anon as a spider hits a page, I wish the spider to apperceive absolutely what that page is about.

But, abounding sites out there are clear intense, generally by advantage of their actual nature. The sites may advertise prints, wallpaper, pictures, graphics, or posters. Or, the sites may advertise hats, for example, so that anniversary page is abounding of pictures of a accurate blazon of hat.

Many Web website owners don’t wish to add argument to those pages, because they wish to highlight absolutely what they’re selling. They’ve created the website with their admirers in mind, which is as it should be. Afterwards all, if visitors stop by a wallpaper site, they wish to see endless of pictures of the altered wallpaper samples. They don’t wish to apprehend about them!

So, getting accurate to attach to Google’s Guidelines that prohibit ambuscade text, what options do we accept with our graphic-intense site?

Let’s attending at some accessible solutions.

1. Can you put arresting argument aloft or below the cartoon on the page? If so, this is your best solution, because you’re giving the engines some agreeable to crawl.

Simply add a branch of agreeable aloft the graphics, and again a branch or two of agreeable below the graphics. Make abiding the agreeable focuses on your keyword byword and that it describes the page accurately.

If you don’t wish to add a abounding branch of agreeable aloft the graphics, try abacus a branch tag absolute your keyword phrase. Then, add agreeable below the graphics.

The basal band is: you wish to alpha the page with argument if at all possible, not graphics.

2. Be creative! Can you add anecdotic argument about anniversary clear beneath or beside the graphic? Can you add little “Tips” or “More Info” boxes on the page that accommodate admired advice for your users and keyword-containing argument for the engines? Can you cover testimonials from blessed barter that will add admired keyword-containing agreeable to your page?

3. Leave your absolute graphic-intense pages the way they are, and actualize some new text-based autogenous pages that are abounding of admired agreeable accompanying to your graphics. Pull in cartage through those pages, and accommodate argument links to your pages abounding of graphics. Be abiding to use your important keyword byword in the hotlink argument that links to the pages of graphics.

Keep in apperception that these new pages are autogenous pages, which agency that they should accommodate a hotlink to added pages on your site, and your website should accommodate a hotlink aback to those pages. If you’ve done your appointment right, these new pages are accouterment amount to your users, accordingly accouterment amount to the seek engines, so there’s no acumen why you wouldn’t wish to hotlink to these new autogenous pages.

Can you use redirects from the text-based pages to the pages of graphics? I awful acclaim not accomplishing so. The engines accept never been addicted of redirects for one thing. But, even if your redirects aren’t “sneaky” (as Google says in their Guidelines), if you don’t use argument links with the keyword byword in the hotlink text, you’re missing out on one of the a lot of admired seek engine enhancement strategies accessible to you: application your keyword byword in hotlink argument pointing to your pages.

4. You can leave your absolute graphic-intense pages as they are, and instead apply on “off page” factors such as architecture hotlink acceptance to those pages and accurate abiding that the pages bond to the cartoon pages use hotlink argument that contains your important keyword phrase. In added words, you can plan on your “link reputation.”

After all, you can attempt with the big boys application about any action that is adverse to seek engine rankings if your hotlink acceptance and hotlink acceptability is able enough, and if the sites bond to you call your website application your important keyword phrase.

By “strong” enough, I beggarly that the links should be from popular, accurate sites in your affair area. Sheer numbers aren’t what we’re afterwards here. We’re afterwards links from accepted and accurate sites in our affair area. We’re aswell afterwards links that use our important keyword byword in the hotlink argument anecdotic our pages.

In Conclusion

Though the best band-aid is to add argument to your pages of graphics, sometimes you (or your client) won’t wish to go that route. They may wish to accumulate the absolute pages just as they are.

In those situations, it’s important to accept some “Google friendly” solutions that will accord you the best adventitious at accomplishing top rankings for your pages, while accurate abiding that you’re afterward the guidelines as declared by Google.