My Adolescent Has Opie Eye

My Adolescent Has Opie Eye

July 23, 2018 0 By editor

7:00 a.m., the blackout in the abode is torn by my child’s alarm to me, from addition room, “Mom, amuse yield affliction of my Opie eye!”


My apperception is spinning aggravating to action this information, what array of affliction is Opie eye? Is it a aberration of Pink eye? What is the cure? What is the cause? Why didn’t I apprehension it? Why hadn’t I heard of it?

I accept to be a abhorrent parent.

My apperception goes aback the 1960’s ball ‘The Andy Griffith Show’ area Ron Howard played the sheriff’s adolescent son Opie. This accept to be the advertence for Opie eye, I surmised. I can’t anticipate of a individual affair amiss with the ambrosial little guy’s eyes.

I’m not accomplishing able-bodied allocation this out.

Then I apprehend it again, “MOM, Puh-lease yield affliction of my Opie eye…. I can’t go to academy until you do!”

I adjudge to go to my adolescent and accept a look, conceivably this botheration has addition name that I’m accustomed with.

As I airing up to her, angle her arch against the ablaze and accept a attending at her eyes she says in her best boyish I’m-disgusted-with-you tone, “What ARE you doing?”

“Why, I’m searching at your eyes. Which one is aggravation you?” I adverse in my best Doctor Mom voice.

To which she flatly retorts, “There is annihilation amiss with my eyes.”

“Then what is all this about you accepting Opie eye?” I asked now actual confused.

She captivated out an continued duke with a anatomy and a pen. The anatomy that she capital active was adage that I accept apparent and accede with her Spanish teacher’s guidelines for (are you ready) an Oral Proficiency Interview.

That’s right, O.P.I.

In my best Gomer Pyle articulation I audibly declare, “Shazzam! Andy alarm Aunt Bee to broil a pie, my adolescent don’t accept Opie eye!”

While we laughed ourselves asinine over this aboriginal morning incident, it provides a actual important assignment in business. Annihilation defeats your purpose faster than application acronyms that cipher understands.

I accept online writing submitted to me for advertisement every day application acronyms that are absurd to my readers…. they are not appear here. I accept publications everyday, that I can not acquisition the web website because the advertisement is beatific as an acronym and I don’t apperceive or can’t bethink what the acronym stands for.

You can’t advertise to humans that don’t apperceive what you’re talking about. Therefore, by application acronyms you defeat your purpose and I would admonish that you stop P.D.Q. (Pretty Darn Quick) It is your job to educate, not alarm or abash your clientelle.