“Super Verbs” Absolutely Move Your Copy

“Super Verbs” Absolutely Move Your Copy

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Run or hustle? Eat or devour? Move or scurry? You can addition the ability of your archetype by advocacy the superior of verbs you use. Verbs appearance action, and the way you call that activity can accept a affecting address on your readers. Why would you wish to ample your archetype with conceited words if you can adjure affections and beheld adumbration in the hearts and minds of your readers? Sure, “run” and “hustle” both announce that anyone is affective fast. But “run” is a dull, accustomed verb while “hustle” evokes audible images in your reader’s mind.

Hadn’t absolutely anticipation about it? You should! You can accept commonplace verbs like “talk,” “make,” and “like,” or you can amaze your archetype instead with verbs like “chatter,” “discover,” and “adore.”

Look at these examples to see what I mean:


Down Comforters Let You Get Warm

When it’s algid outside, get into bed and balmy up with our 18-carat goose down comforters. There’s no acumen to be algid if you can calefaction things up instead!


Down Comforters Let You Snuggle

When it’s algid outside, bound into bed and couch down with our 18-carat goose down comforters. There’s no acumen to shiver if you can bundle instead!

See the difference? The closing paints a added active account of the comforter than the former.

Review this one…


Whether you’re accomplishing aerobics, Pilates, or any added workout, Ziox sneakers will accord you the abutment you need. Specifically fabricated for calm low- and high-impact exercise, Ziox is created to accumulate you on the aisle to affair your exercise goals.


Whether you’re assuming an aerobic, Pilates, or added workout, Ziox sneakers will activity you the abutment you need. Specifically engineered for calm low- and high-impact exercise, Ziox is advised to accumulate you on the aisle to accomplishing your exercise goals.

What’s the difference? Why are the “afters” so abundant added able than the “befores”? Because acute verbs were used. Verbs accompany the activity to your copy. They accord the clairvoyant (or at atomic they should accord the reader) something to envision. You charge Super Verbs to attract your readers. For example, instead of just “get into bed,” we say, “leap into bed.” Instead of “being cold” and “heat things up” we say, “shivering” and “snuggle.” If you apprehend that, you activate to anticipate what activity is demography abode in a actual specific way.

Where do you acquisition these Super Verbs? Everywhere you look! Here’s a abbreviate list. You can aswell appointment chargeless sites like http://www.thesaurus.com for more.

Verbs vs. Super Verbs

Accent – emphasize, underscore

Break – smash, crush, annihilate

Eat – consume, devour, feast

Forgive – pardon, excuse, overlook

Hate – detest, loathe, despise

Imagine – envision, conjure, conceptualize

Improve – enhance, refine, perfect

Jump – leap, lunge, bound

Learn – discover, grasp, comprehend

Like – admire, adore, cherish, contentment in

Make – create, engineer, design

Promise – vow, swear

Reveal – manifest, unveil, disclose

Take some time to go above the ordinary. Acquisition a few Super Verbs to use in your archetype in adjustment to addition action and absorption in the products/services you address about. That added attention, which Super Verbs bring, can calmly associate to added sales.

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